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Current and Future Litter Information



Please select from Basenji or Whippet litters below for more information about upcoming and current litters. All breeding stock has been extensively health tested. Basenjis are tested for Fanconi with either the DNA Marker Test or the DNA Direct Gene Test.

The new Fanconi DNA Direct Gene Test was made available in November 2011, so we are currently in the process of retesting our Basenjis with the new test. Meisterhaus Basenjis are also tested free of hip dysplasia and any genetic eye maladies. Our Whippets are health tested thoroughly, as well, against any eye or heart abnormalities.
Check back for information on future litters!!

Basenji Litter Information


Whippet Litter Information


If you think you may be interested in a puppy from Meisterhaus please fill out the following PDF application and send it to us (you will need Acrobat Reader to open this file). 

Meisterhaus Puppy Application

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We are proud to be members of the following Code of Ethics clubs :
American Whippet Club (AWC)     Basenji Club of America (BCOA)     Louisville Kennel Club (LKC)

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